Set of 7.5 Tonne - Somers Container Column Lifts (SOLD)

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here we have a Set of 7.5 Tonne - Somers Container Column Lifts.

Technical Specification

A: Maximum load capacity of each jack - 7500kg

B:Lifting speed 440mm per minute. +/-10%

C: Maximum height from floor 1800mm. +/-1.5%

D: Minimum height from floor - 0mm +/-1.5%


The jacking units consist of a welded steel construciton using two RHS sections acting as the mast, which is fabricated on to a large base plate. The design is based upon a heavy-duty application awith high safety factors for minimum deflections and low stress values.

The large base plate makes contact with the floor and takes the downward thrust of the load, spreading it over a wide area, ensuring stability when lifting and avoiding damage to the floor.

The lifting carriage unit is freely supported by the self-aligning spherical seating ring on the load-carrying nut.

The jacks are easily manoeuvrable and have a small turning circle. The steering units have large diameter twin wheels running in needle roller bearings. A hand operated hydraulic jacking unit with overload protection relief valve is used to raise or lower the unit from, or onto, the floor. The front wheels of the jack are mounted in the outriggers of the mast and of a fixed steel roller type


A motor worm gear unit is connected to a robust vertical self-locking screw shaft, which drives a substantial phosphor-bronze load carrying nut.

Should failure of the laod nut occur, a back up safety nut takes up the load and the power supply is immediately cut off by the actuation of the nut wear limit switch.

The screw shaft is guarded and protected by flexible bellows, resistant to grease, acid, water and steam. The Carriage is guided up and down the columns by flanged rollers fitted with bearings.

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